Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Advanced Kit

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Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Advanced Kit
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Our Micro Trauma Kit refill is not just another small tactical first aid kit.  Each component was specifically chosen for its combat proven effectiveness combined with never before seen packaging techniques to make them as small as possible. The most popular MTKN configuration in service with police, military and medical providers worldwide.

The ADVANCED kit is designed to treat traumatic injuries as per the MARCH protocol for those providers trained in TCCC concepts. The lightest and smallest fulltreatment trauma kit available. *Proof of medical authorization required for purchase due to restricted medical contents* The Micro Trauma Kit supplies were designed from the ground up around a specific need for an ultra-concealable trauma kit.

Trauma Gloves

Trauma Gloves (1x Pair)

Quikclot Combat Gauze

Quikclot Combat Gauze (1x)

Mini Compression Dressing

Mini Compression Dressing (1x)

Chest Seal

Chest Seal (1x Twin Pack)

Flat Fold Tape

Flat Fold Tape (1x)

Nasopharyngeal Airway

Nasopharyngeal Airway (1x)

Decompression Needle

Decompression Needle (1x)


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