FROG.PRO Evolution Headset Cover

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The in-depth study of communication systems, protective headsets and the features that a modern tactical headset cover must have, led to the advancement of the evolutionary stage of this accessory: the Evolution Headset Cover.

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FROG.PRO Evolution Headset Cover
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FROG.PRO Evolution Headset Cover (vzor multicam)

Product detailed description

The in-depth study of communication systems, protective headsets and the features that a tactical headset cover must have, led us to transform a concept into a product: Evolution.

The Evolution Headset Cover, in fact, is much more than just a cover.

The first feature we wanted to satisfy, that is also the most important one, is ergonomics. Its two-piece structure allows it to perfectly follow the curvature of the headband, thus avoiding the annoying folds that form in the usual one-piece fabric covers. At the sides of the part in contact with the head there are two polyethylene closed-cell foam pads covered by soft Durastretch 520E fabric, that guarantees excellent comfort even in direct contact with the skin. The central part, without a cushion, allows you to wear the headset also with a baseball cap with an apical button.

The second satisfied feature is undoubtedly functionality. Military or sports headsets, used not only as hearing protection but also as a communication system, are often equipped with a microphone and one or more connecting cables to the radio or from one pad to the other of the headset. The management and organization of radio cables is therefore of fundamental importance. For this reason we have designed the main body of the Evolution Headset Cover with a "sectional" design that allows both the passage and protection of cables and jacks, and their exit in the desired position through the several openings available. The two Velcro® One-Wrap strips at the ends allow you to attach the various sections before applying the cover, as well as securely fix the cover to the headset headband for a perfect fit. The main body is also equipped with a Paracord loop to attach the headset to a carabiner when not in use.

The outer part features laser-cut slots that can be used to apply ITW Nexus® Web Dominators, to insert shock cord or Velcro® One-Wrap strips. The Velcro® female fastener is instead designed for the application of a nametape, military ranks, blood-type patches or IR identification.

The Evolution Headset Cover is compatible with most of the headsets on the market, such as MSA Sordin Supreme Pro, 3M Peltor ComTac, Safariland Liberator, etc.

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