Peltor ComTac XPi with microphone

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Peltor ComTac XPi with microphone
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Peltor ComTac XPi with microphone
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Fully working with NATO PTT and dual PTT

Specifically designed for military personnel to help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise, improve situational awareness and at the same time enable two-way radio communication in noisy environments. This product is compatible with other military gear like helmets and protective vests. The ComTac XPI is a fully independent dual earphone system for talk through and external radio signal. It is designed to be worn comfortably under a helmet, be used with different kinds of weapons without being in the way, and at the same time protect effectively against harmful noise levels.

  • Plug and play', no start up time
  • Detachable microphone
  • fully working with NATO PTT 
  • Configuration menu with voice guide
  • Level dependant function for ambient listening
  • Functions: release time, balance, external mute mode, EQ mode
  • Earplug mode (maintains situational awareness when used in combination with earplugs)
  • SNR 39 dB when combined with earplugs
  • Automatic power off after two hours if no function is used
  • No software loads or outside power required, complete self contained headset with power fail safe
  • Tested according to military standards
  • Foldable headband for easy storage and transport
  • ~ 200h (battery & temperature dependent)


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Warranty: 2 years