Spiritus System Fanny SACK Pouch Mk3

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Spiritus System Fanny SACK Pouch Mk3
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Product detailed description

The "Fanny SACK" bridges the gap between our popular Sub Abdominal Carry Kit and every day carry. Wear it for a full mission profile, or stash your carry gun in it while you're out on the long board. 

It was designed to make critical equipment easy to access from both sides or when in a confined space like a vehicle. The Fanny SACK can also be worn on the lower back and out of the way but quickly slid around the waist when needed. 

The pouch features a "half zip" design, which means that your equipment will not easily fall out of the pouch even if the zipper is left unsecured. 

The front of the pouch features a small zippered stash pocket that is perfect for easy access to small items. The bottom of the pouch features two elastic loops that can be adjusted to hold a tourniquet or other equipment that you may need to rapidly deploy. If bottom carry doesn't fit your mission needs, you can easily remove and reinstall the loops as necessary.

Each side has a webbing loop for attaching equipment such as gloves, carabiners or chem lights. 

The inside features soft loop fields on both sides. This makes the pouch very dynamic, giving you the ability to use our pouch insert suite to fit your requirements. It also features two slide-locks that make it easy to adjust the tension of the elastic loops hanging below, as well as two internal tie-down loops for securing sensitive equipment. The two grommet holes on the bottom aid with drainage of the pouch, if submersion occurs.  

The Fanny SACK is designed to be worn around your waist.  


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